Monday, August 18, 2008



Back for a second round of releasing developed audio-terror,
the Utopian Listeners of Imaginary/Exotic Insects have hit up proc-rec
a second time for their newest and freshest release simply
titeled "Exotic Insects".

What I have found most enjoyable about the music
from these gents is that they dont sound even remotely
similar to anything else I have ever laid my ears on.
It would be hard for me to come up with even 3 other projects
they remotely resemble.
Heck, im not even sure I could easily describe
this release in terms that would make sense!

A true full-length release, all eleven pieces are
a combination very chaotic, spurratic, laid-back, rhythmic,
sample-laiden, glory tunes that are simply stunning and breathtaking.
tracks like bumblebee graveyard (remix)--(my favorite track on the album)
and Imaginary Insect call are excellent refference points
to use when desiring to hear tracks that contain most, if not ALL
of those characteristics.

Putting it in laymens terms, this is exactly the type of album
you will need and certainly will want to have when it becomes
a necessary for you to break away from the mundane themes of life
and dive deep into the un-hindered, un-interrupted, and most importantly...
the un-commercialized aspects of electronic music.

Good music still exists, and you will always find it here at proc-records.
Especially now that you have a copy of...


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