Thursday, August 14, 2008



the brand-spankin' newest club of internet releasing mofo's
comes to us straight from Japan!!

With a very early-rave sound, the Utopian Listeners of Exotic Insects
demonstrate (with great simplicity) their true capabilites as a
dominating force in the underground electronic music.

Combing various qualities and aspects
from within the realm of "electronic", Techno,
experimental, noise, and even a slight glimpse
of trip-hop, these guys really set the stage for
an impressive introduction with proc-rec.

This killer little ep of about 32 minutes really
is one of the more "trippy" releases that we have had here.
By that, i mean that is has a very heavy
(while also quite subtle) narcotic -infused style, which reminds me
a bit of somthing groups like Boards of Canada
would maybe have produced, though very very very
unlike anything they would do at all...

does that make sense???

At any rate, this is an awesome release
and has a high replay value.
(Ive listened to it at least 5 times already and am
still finding new things about it I never noticed before!!)
My personal favorite track is the fifth track, photosinthesis which
has a ton of reverb, delay and distortion.

A perfect release for almost any occasion,
we are pleased to showcase the first of 2 (so far!!!)
from Utopian Listeners of Exotic Insects

and here it is....


and of course, check them out on myspace!!!

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