Friday, August 8, 2008



here at proc-records, it's been an awesome
experience meeting so many talented artists
from nearly every corner of this giant planet
that we all share, aka Earth.
And, especially during the past few months, proc-rec
has seen a tremendous amount of growth, due
largely in part to the amount of people
who feel that proc is a worthy ongoing sound project, capable
of demonstrating to the entire world specifically
the importance of netlabels in our culture.

Noskovs Olegs is a great example of
an artist who has given proc-rec a reason to
keep going!
This guys makes some brilliantly programmed
head banging beats full of in-your-face basslines and
kick drums.
His newest release with us, titled simply [proc147] (for obvious reasons)
is one of his more dance-oriented techno releases and
is ripe for the picking.
In a way, this release reminds me of Static Bass meets overthruster

If you've been an avid listener and follower of Noskov's work with
us here at proc-rec, then this little two-track ep
will be a the perfect addition to your club-party mix's!!

quite honestly, if you dont like this release...theres something
wrong with you!
Mr. Olges is truthfully a very experienced musician
on the scene and having him release as regularly as possible
within proc's digital parameters is certainly a treat!

music lovers of the world rejoice!!!


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