Saturday, August 2, 2008



My friends and valued listeners, what you have just downloaded
is the very first physical release that proc-records
has ever done!
(aside from the catalog cd-r's that we provide)
While this isnt something that you need to mark on your calenders,
it is a release of extreme importance.
It marks the changing of proc-rec from being only a net-label
to being both a netlabel and a physical label!
While we shall always remain a netlabel, it is my hope
to release limited-run physical piecees more and more
often (as finances and resources allow), while still
allowing a freely downloadable version
of it at our home page.
This release had a limited pressing of 25 copies on
a translucent, yellow-shelled cassette.

I once again had the honest, heartfelt pleasure of working
with Lee Rosevere for the creation of this release.
His ambient work is among the best on the scene and
he always delivers 110% quality.
At the time of the initial idea to do a split cassette, I was
(and still am, actually) working alot on
solid droning pieces and ambient atmospheres, a concept
which i hadnt messed around with exclusively until this point.
Lee Rosevere, quite simply, just seemed to be
the obvious choice for this release.
Lee also chose the title for the release, gelwaz, which
is an old Proto-Germanic word for "yellow".

As i mentioned, this is also a limited run
cassette release, so depending on when you are reading
these linear notes, there may or may not be
physical copies still available.
The cover image included in the digital release, however,
is almost identical in color to theat of the cover
used on the cassette and is laid out precisely the same

I hope you enjoy this release as much as I do.
It truly is a major turning point in proc-rec's
musical journey.


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