Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Across the ocean, located in the country of Ukraine, lives
a talented artist named Alice.
Having been with proc-rec for an impressive length of time,
Alice has released some truly epic low-bitrate audio under
the aliases of jjoth and Belsebul, which is the alias that
is being used on this fresh new slice of audio.

As always, Alice's work has been HIGHLY inventive
and, above all, unique.
Never seeming to follow one particular set of rhythm,
heavily distorted, spurratic and free-form melodies are strewen over
very choppy and complex background textures, a technique
which is quite common with Alice's work under either
By adding other various effects and having the pieces
encoded to the heavily lossy bitrate of
8kbps mono mp3, Belsebul's work is, quite honestly, jaw dropping.

Previously, when trying to classify his work, I often placed
Alice's music in experimental or avant-garde.
However, upon deeper listening, it also fits the description
of noise and even non-verbal sound poetry!
Expressing himself through his sound-instruments
in an entirely new way, constantly re-inventing his sound
to be understood better by the underground, and expressing
himself in such an explicit and unique manner, Alice's music
is almost always at the forefront of creativity!!

Since the last release under this alias, I had awaited
a further installment, and now we have the oppurtunity!!
With much excitement, I am pleased to announce the newest
release from Belsebul!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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