Sunday, November 9, 2008



In many ways, proc-records has been a forward
thinking, open-minded and highly progressive label, something
that I certainly hope to continue to maintain throughout it's life.
New idea's, challenges, concepts and production styles
have given listeners across the planet a reason
to try different techniques when working with sound.
One such example is that of our newest artist, Phanto Bro, who
certainly has delivered in terms of originality!

They are the perfect way to re-acquaint
yourself with outdated titles from ages past.
With a mediocre processor and a little bit of RAM+HD space,
one can spend hours (assuming you are fortunate to have
that kind of time) playing games from video game
consoles from Atari to XBOX360.

However, this time you wont be using this common
utility for the sole purpose of gaming.
Instead, Phanto Bro has composed an entire piece
and rendered it into .nsf format to be played exclusively
on an NES emulator known as "Fceux"
(included with the release and used by permission!).
Ranking alongside Razxca's text-based audio release with
us a few weeks ago, this brilliantly handled
ep is a highly engaging album utilizing a method
which I, admittedly, had previously given little thought about.
Either way, such a debut release has left a lasting impression
on my mind and hopefully this will be a regular thing
from him!

A new artist at proc-rec (not to mention our very-
-first artist from South Carolina), I welcome music
lovers and hardcore video gamers alike to check
this out.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or your "money" back :D


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