Friday, November 28, 2008



The incredable Mr.Dee is back at proc-records after
a brief break!!!!!
And, this time around he has taken a slightly different
direction with his sound...

Typically Mr.Dee is found making wonderful
dancefloor tracks which are custom made for people
to get down'n'dirty on that dancefloor.
However, on this new EP he has laid down three very
solid and rough, yet also very laid-back, rhythm pieces
perfect for anything from just cracking open a beer and relaxing
or for putting on your dancing shoes and getting
funky at your favorite club!

While this ep is just shy of eight minutes, it really
gives us a better insight as to how diverse of a musician
Mr.Dee really is.
In nearly every aspect of electronic music, we have found him
trying something new and different, but accomplishing it
with such sucess that it could make
some people quite jealous ;)

Mr.Dee has been featured on multiple compilations here
at proc-rec and has also been heard on his own label
(deep-x) AND on the GLORIOUS 20kbps records netlabel
(just to name a few).
If this is your first introduction to his sounds, feel lucky.
You are about to enjoy some quality sounds!!

Tell your local DJ to download this and play it at a club near you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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