Tuesday, February 17, 2009



I'm sure I'm not the only one on this planet
who has ever had a crazy day, only to have it turn out
to be one of the best days I've had in a while.
It happens to all of us at time or another!!!
Heck, it's part of life!!!!!
Well, it's nice to finally have a soundtrack
to compliment such an intense and odd day!
the ASTONISHINGLY talented "toxic chicken"
has been quite generous with this recent gift of audio
by allowing proc-records to relase it!

on it, we find various sounds taken from a past release
and are able to hear them in a new light!!
this completely improvised and live mix is a perfect way
to spice up a bad day, or to make a great day THAT MUCH BETTER!!
Too often, we allow the cares of day to day life drag us
down and make us feel like shit.
It's time to lift your spirits and accept the fact that
certain things are out of our control...
except the music you want to hear!! ;)

This is one of those releases where I cannot easily describe.
To put it as basic as possible, it is one of the more uplifting and
pleasant "happy" releases that I have come across in a long time,
and since it was given to us directly from the prime source
of superb audio production, satisfaction is definitely guaranteed!!

dont even give it a second thought!
play this ep with haste!!!!
it may just change the way you look at life ;)


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