Saturday, February 14, 2009



Over one-hundred releases have passed since the amazing
NoskovOlegs has released with proc-recrods!
During that time, we have had some truly spectacular audio
released by people who really care about sound.
However, there has also been a slight void or empty feeling
due to Noskov's lack of presence.
Fortunately, he has returned once again to bring the underground some
an ep of extreme, sonic-glitch, rhythmic noise!!!

This release brings two aspects of NOSKOVSOLEGS
stunning skills and combines them in one ep!
An audio piece titled penirapes is where we find him
getting down and dirty with his devices of audio destruction.
This piece reminds me of the somewhat earlier days of IDM
due its slightly old-school sound, not to mention the effects
and programming styles.
However, on the other side of the same token, it is also quite
heavily influenced by hardcore house-techno and therefore
cannot completely be considered IDM.
A very grimey and noisy piece, it's very high replay value
makes it a fantastic companion on any randomized playlist.

The Second portion of this ep features an audio/visual piece titled
urbanspace, which is also the title of this release.
Harsh, brutal noise and effects are layered over one another
very very thick and spread throughout the entire length of the piece, while
scenes from various places are chopped, sliced and diced in no particular
fashion. a very cool mini-film indeed!

This is a very intense release, and therefore some people may not
completely appreciate it.
However, it is part of what I find so appealing about NOSKOVOLEGS material.
His in-your-face sounds and musical direction are quite a treat, especially
when his releases are so far apart from one another!

Hopefully we will hear from him again very soon, but in
the meantime, if you are a fan of
un-convential, hard-hitting, genre destroying audio, turn on your
sound system and give this puppy a spin!!!!


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