Monday, February 23, 2009



Okay, So like do you TOTALLY just <3>
Do you have all the latest Usher, linkin park and beyonce
*teehee* ;)

...wake the F*** UP, people!!!
this is proc-records!!!!
And what you have just fucking downloaded is soooOoOoOoOo
completely against the grain, that after hearing it
you might just find yourself questioning everything
you thought you knew about what REAL audio is.
(unless of course, you dont have a pop-music head)

Yes, my fellow undergroundians...NOW is the time to celebrate
another release that is a long LOOOOOONG time coming.
RedSK is back in fucking action at proc-rec, and this time he
has united forces in the fight against horrible scenes and shitty music
with his good friend teh soup rebellion (aka Scott Gerst).

in an effort to school some of you on t.s.r...
he has done some exceptionally nice work for labels like
NQA/TFN (RESPECT!!!), Harsh Trip Records, Noise-Joy, and has
even been featured on [proc250]!!!!!
His musical skills are quite advantageous for any
dual-artist collaborative release, and his presence is
certainly felt and equally welcomed with the insemination of this
great EP.
The other piece of this truly dynamic duo is none other
than Patrick (FUCKING) Doyle.
This guy is essentially the fleshy embodiment of the underground!!
No experimental audio label is truly complete without SOMETHING
from this guy...and proc-rec has over three!!!
I have looked up to him and admired his skills, knowing
full well that I am not alone in doing so.

Having said all this, please understand that this
is not your average release.
Re-defining the underground once again, RedSK and his partner
in crime, teh soup rebellion have pushed proc-records
deep into the upper echelon of quality audio dispersment with
their utterly astonishing skillz.
Bar none, this is one of the best experimental releases
that I've had the pleasure of laying my ears on in a long, LONG time.

thanks again guys!


check BOTH of them out on myspace at

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