Wednesday, March 18, 2009



I feel it is necessary to stress the importance of
live performances, especially to the people
who often criticize the netlabel scene as nothing
more than a fad.
Just because artists are giving there art away for free
doesnt mean that they cant make a little money on the
side selling merchandise or doing live shows.

And, this ep given to us by our friend Earth Incubator
(known as headless kamikaze on this recording)
is nothing more than a demonstration of a Russian artist
hard at work, getting his sound heard by people
and truly loving what he does.
It's a relatively brief recording, exclusively featuring
H.K. in control of his equipment, getting the crowd moving and
basically just putting on one hell of a good show.

Becuase it is such a short album, it might be helpfull to
listen to it a few times to really get a proper feel.
Hell, turn off the lights, break out the glow sticks
and rave the night away!!!
Courtesy of your international party champion, Headless Kamikaze!!!


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