Tuesday, March 17, 2009



pollix is one of the newest members to
proc-records, however in the time he has
been with us, he has worked on several
split albums, been featured on a variety of
compilations (also at other labels)
and still finds time to release even more
ep's and lp's at a handful of other labels!!

Truly a talented gentleman, Pollux's skills as a musician
are genuine, strong and pure.
It is apparent that much of his inspiration
comes from ambient sources, and especially
ambient sounds fused with noise and drone.
This ep features chopped drone segments and
warm, heartfelt ambient melodies
which plays for over eleven minutes.
It also is encoded into high-quality
mp3 format and has a proper amount of
volume to make it pleasing to the ear without
becoming too burdensome when trying to relax ;)

Pollux has demonstrated alot of dedication
and love for what he does, and it is apparent
in each one of his tracks.
If you're someone who is interested in hearing
great experimental ambient music, completely for
free...you might want to check this one out ;)


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