Saturday, March 14, 2009



noise, when done correctly, can be just as versatile
as any other genre in electronic music.
In this day and age however, it can be relatively
difficult to weed through all of the bullshit artists
before you find a good one.
Luckily for you, proc-records only releases
the finest electronic music around, and that
of course includes the finest NOISE around as well :)
Odds are, if you keep coming back to proc-records
on a regular basis and frequently
download the music we release here, then you are
more than likely a fan of this very diverse genre.
And with the diverse artitsts comes the diverse music!
This brand spankin' new release here at proc-rec is precisely

Coming to us from waaaaay over in the Czech Repbulic
are two individuals who seem to have
little difficulty creating enormously fucked up audio
and who aren't afraid to let other people hear it for
Dogprodz (who has released on labels like God Rekidz, Okkulth Records)
and Paregorik, have done a superb job
of creating a noise ep that doesnt just sound good the first
time sounds good very many, MANY times!!
Thats right!
this release, which has a total runtime of just under ten-minutes
has such a large replay value that fans of
noise music will very much appreciate it.
Whats more, its a small enough download size
that it will fit on nearly any portable media player
without soaking up alot of space :)

The bottom line is that this is a great little album for
all to enjoy, and quite honestly you're weird if you don't.
The unconvential, off the wall and avant-garde methods
that these two fella's use to produce their sounds
is quite admirable.

dont be a sucka, download this shit ;)


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