Monday, March 9, 2009



moving right along with our freshly baked catalog
of audio, proc-records has a new ep of deep minimal
dub-step electronica from a new member to the proc-rec
team, namenot.

namenot is an artist from overseas who
has brought with him
an interesting sound, that which
is based in a very straight-forward
and focuses on repetition , unlike his other
aliases which are more geared to a freeform
noise-based atmosphere.
He also is the label-head of an equally interesting little
netlabel called antireality
( which, in many ways
is very similar to proc-records in the sense that
it focuses on a very free and expressive way
to produce music.
This short but strong ep has a very early-techno sound,
and as a result is a very enjoyable album to hear.
Both pieces were nicely programmed and sound
professionaly mastered.

Out of the two tracks, my personal favorite
is the second track, waveairs.
The effects that pan from one sound-channel to the other
really give this piece a narcotic-induced feel and
therefore also makes it very fun to dance to, if you
decide to ;)

All in all, this is a fantastic little ep for anyone looking
to add a little "old-school" fun in their lives.
People who attended raves in the early or mid 1990's
are sure to get a kick out of this release.

Thanks again to namenot for allowing proc-records
to release this great little album!
hopefully it wont be his last here :D

without further delay...
proc-records is pleased to release...


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