Friday, April 24, 2009


well, this is truly a treat!!
it is exceedingly rare for proc-rec to have two
seperate releases from Static Bass this close
together, yet somehow...we manage find ourselves
placed in that very situation!!! :D

Since the very beginning of proc, Static Bass
has been tearing up our bandwidth
with truly pleasurable
audio, all of which holds a special
place in the hearts of many.
Now, although typically in past we recieved
little 2-track ep's from him, this
time Static has included an extra, hard-pounding
speaker-wrecking, dancefloor frenzied
track for us to enjoy!!

All three pieces are very unique and
slightly different in styles from one another, although
upon hearing them, the experienced proc-rec listener
would be able to identify the artist in a heatbeat
do to S.B.'s seemingly trademark sound.
However, while the two pieces seem closely related, the
third and final piece is very percusion driven and
EXTREMELY bass heavy.
(imho, it's the best piece on the ep)

The bottom line is that this album
is yet another reason to take a little time out of
your day and enjoy the finer things in free
music from Static Bass at proc-rec!! :D
Don't be greedy!!
Spread the word about this release with
anyone who you think might enjoy it as much as
we hope you do!


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