Friday, April 17, 2009



over the past few weeks, proc-records
was experiencing a little bit of "down time", due mostly
to life outside of music.
However, we are slowly getting back in action, and what better
way to celebrate our recovery than with another piano
piece from our main man, Razxca!!!

That's right people!
The Wonderfucl Mikhail has returned to proc-rec
in true excellence with yet another recorded set
of piano experimentation :D
Mikhail is an artist who, as you can obviously tell, likes
to push the envelope in terms of audio tinkering, always
taking a new and unique spin on an old concept and turning
it completely upside down.

Now, while this particular release is not
neccesarily something new or unique, it certainly
is soothing to the mind and is exactly the sort of thing
that proc-rec has needed for a while.
I thoroughly enjoy razxca's piano works, and
he has already performed several such pieces for
proc already!!

Mikhail takes his work seriously
and we appreciate his ability to expand his genre's
and open his mind to new concepts and idea's.
His work is truly timeless, and he has a sound for
almost any occasion.
I highly recommend that you dive deeeeep into this album
and to check out his previous piano works on proc-rec.
sure to satisfy!!!!!!!!


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