Thursday, April 9, 2009



tale twist, the sound guy from overseas
has graciously given proc-records a great little two track EP
featuring two remixes he produced recently.

to get a better idea of the theme behind this
album, here is a little blurb from tale twist himeself...

"This ep is part of a series of remixes I have been
working on recently and I decided to share them with
those interested in that sort of tunes.
The first remix is from a well known MPB artist called Pixinguinha.
That tune actually featured in some adverts around here
in Brazil and it basically talks about some strange
reaction to a certain person, cause by love when she sees the loved one.
I made my own impression of this idea and acutally
gave a kind of dark mood to it, based on my own experiences
with “love”, nothing more than a quimical reaction interpretated by the brain
, some respond in a way and others in a totally different
way, and that’s the beauty of it. “
All you need is love”. More and more I am
not really sure about that, but....

The second track is my impression of Gregory’s poem titled “change”.
The guy is a sound artist and write beautifull pieces of texts
and he is well worth checking out. I played around with the notion
of change and that actually reflects what I have been going through
right now. And I believe I should always try to change
and make improvements to what I am doing
at the moment, so that poem actually made a lot of sense
to me and I decide to work on it.

Hope you enjoy.
Headphones are a must.
Thanks a lot for listenning to my music."

It should as no suprise to people who like Tale Twists work
that this album is special for alot of people on
personal and deeply emotional levels.
Tale Twist is an artist who seems to re-invent his sound
in very subtle ways.

This is a cool little album and it would be a shame for you
to happen to pass it up.
remixes are always fun to listen to.
they are, after an alternate take on
someone else's frame of thought.
Tale Twist's interesting spin of the two
tracks is in many ways breathtaking, yet essentially

a definite must-have.


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