Sunday, April 19, 2009



Even Back in 2005 (which is when this album was made),
before I had any idea who Neurosampler was, he was
getting buay with making the rough music that
we here at proc have come to enjoy so much! :D

This ep, simply titled Layers is a nice
little downtempo album of some very rough and
laid-back experimental electronic hip-hop tracks.
with almost a futuristic sound, this album could be
considered of it's time in the sense that
not many people have caught on to this production style.
For instance, it's quite rare to hear a hip-hop or rap
album today that has this much reverb!
A quality that certainly gives the percussion an
interesting spin on things.

All four pieces are nice little instrumental breakdownjs,
and vocals could easily be added to
any of these tracks, most notably the third piece
which is just BEGGING to have someone
"spit some smack" all over it.
If you are someone who loves the underground, proc-rec
and has been looking for a good track or two to
try out your rapping skillz
(considering of course, that you're into that soort of thing),
you might want to give this great little ear-treat a try!

thanks again neurosampler!


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