Thursday, April 16, 2009



this is one hell of a noisy ass release!!
Iskazimoegopizdoboga is one of our
newer artists here, and this release, bases strongly
upon a noise-concept has quickly entered my mind
as being one of the most brutal noise ep's
to come around in quite a while.

its sharp textures, chopped and highly distorted
vocal patterens, joined together with a relatively fast
tempo and high volume give this ep
an interesting sound.
it also happens to be one of our shorter releases,
coming in at a total of three minutes
and thirty-seven seconds!

there really isnt too much to say about this album.
it's a simple, straight-forward noise ep
and it is a fantastic representation of this fellas sound/
if you want a great little quick noise download
with immediate action.....this ones for you! :D


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