Thursday, April 23, 2009



shaking up the underground once again, Sascha Müller
has returned to the proc-rec scene, and with him
he has brought a solid 3-piece dancefloor
party anthem capable of getting the whole
house bumping!!! :D

Sascha's work as an electronic artist is highly expansive,
as he is able to cover a multitude of genre's with
such simplicity and strength.
Over the years, I have come to recognise him
as being one of the the most influential
artists in my life, due to his
conventional sound and dedication to
what he produces.
Within each second of audio, there is great attention
to detail, especially in tracks like the ones found on this
ep, which are very straight forward dancefloor
anthems that slowly change and progress
into a very micro-house electronic style.

For me to go into deep detail about his success in the
music scene would take alot of time, and I feel that
it would take away from focusing your attention on this release.
However, of all sascha's releases thus far here at proc, I feel that this
album certainly wins the crown :)
(his Soldier Force EP at Ear-Plus Records
is still my all time favorite from him)

proc-recods is once again pleased to announce the release
of yet ANOTHER amazing ep from a close friend
and strong supporter of the underground, Sascha Müller.
An instant party starter, no matter where you're at!!!

thanks again Sascha!

Sascha_Müller _-_Deep_Space

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