Wednesday, April 29, 2009



another fine ep from neuroSampler
is what you have (probably) just downloaded.
As usual, he maintains a rather high level of
originality and is able to carry it throughout the
entire life of the album.

This ep is filled with highs and lows, in terms of rhythm
speed, and overall track genres.
For example, the opening track is fairly mellow, yet
has a minimal-tech/IDM sound to it, while tracks
like robolobster are much more spurratic and uptempo.

This whole album is much different than anything
I've come to expect from ns in the past.
He seems to use a much more varried
array of effects and melody segments
which help tie the very strong percussion
patterns together tightly and snug :D

This highly experimental and hardcore powerhouse
electronica anthem is a very nice addition to the proc-records
catalog and has quickly gained the spot
on my list of "favorite neurosampler album" :)

As always, I recommend checking out his other
works both here at proc and at other fine netlabels
on the scene!

Put this on your portable media player and you're good to go!!!!


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