Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Who's ready to party
underground rave style??? :D
If you downloaded this album, then odds are that
you've been searching the internet for a great
little lowbit acid techno ep.
My friend, you have located
such an album right now!

this ep is nothing more than a two track
split between me and the true king of underground
lowbit electronica, Microbit Project.
Evgenij has been involved with
music and the netlabel scene as a whole
for a while now.
He has had album after album on reputable
labels worldwide, some of which include noiseKoncept,
LTR, proc, Super 6, Intox Noize, and Pavillon36.
Not to mention still finding time to operate
one of the strongest lowbit netlabels I've ever
encountered, AND actively promoting other
labels in the lowbit style through his webzine lobit_ru.
Needless to say, he is a very very
busy man, and his presence is certainly
felt in various aspects of the music scene.
I on the other hand have been quite limited
in time to work on my own music these days, so
it was nice to be able to construct a little piece for this
split release.

This is pretty much just a straight-forward acid techno
ep made specifically for people to put on their
dancing shoes and dance the night away!
You are witnessing just a small amount
of what the underground has to offer!!!
Evgenij and I hope you enjoy this little
album as much as we do!!

stay strong!!!!!!!!


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