Saturday, August 29, 2009



*big sigh of relief*
*takes a sip of coffee*
you know what it is I happen to like
about low fidelity noise??
but one thing in particular really makes it
especially enjoyable for me.
the deeper, granulated, harsher and darker
sound done only in the manner
which a lowered bitrate of an mp3 can provide.
Yes my friends, this album, which is a cullmination
of collected works by the now abandoned alias
of none other than the wondedrful MNINS, is precisely
the type of harsh lowfidelty noise
that I was explaining a moment ago (:

Initiated in the early portion of 2009, MNINS
began using this alias as a means to distinguish
and seperate his diverse sounds without
Using various audio tools such as contact mics,
old amps, radios and even an
old Jen SX1000, these pieces were composed, edited
and rendered in a very short period of time.

The trcks which make up this album
have a very "classic" sound to them, and by that
I mean they dont necessarily sound like they
were composed in this particular decade
(maybe late 70's early 80's), when noise and
drone were really starting to come
around and influencing other artists to do
the same.
(but hey, thats just my opinon!)

Truth is, this album is P-E-R-F-E-C-T for
proc-records, and is easily one of the most
repeatedly listenable noise eps I've had the privelage
to hear in a while.
noise fans world-wide I'm sure would no doubt
agree with me on that!!

You've came to proc-records, and you've just
downloaded this album...
pat yourself on the back


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