Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Over one-hundred ep's and albums have
been released at proc-records
since we last heard from our friendly French
producer from across the pond, Keith Jars.
His album Volupt Apnea ( [proc190] ) which
was released in mid-November of 2008 was an
astounding introduction to Keith's work, and since then
it has left me craving new material
from this musical talent.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, as they say..."patience is a virtue"
because I now have the oppurtunity to present
a brand new album of even more electronic
dance-floor and mind expanding lovelyness
for the entire world to download and enjoy!!!

A total of one-dozen tracks can be found
on this album, which has a continuous
runtime of nearly one hour and twenty minutes!!!
Pulsating rhythms, trippy leads and synths
and extra bottomless basslines is the glue that holds
these great audio gems together.
Similar in style and execution from his
previous works, Keith maintains a high level of
replay with this album and demonstrates his
capabilites as an artist of various genre's in the
electronic music realm :D

Also like his previous album, these tracks
have been encoded into high-quality 320kbps MP3,
allowing for full-fidelity without the hefty weight of
wav files which have a tendency to eat
up alot of hard-disk space.

Dont waste another moment!
Click the link and download this album
without a second thought!!
Your ears will thank you for it (:


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