Wednesday, August 26, 2009



getting a new album from Microbit Project
is a great feeling!
It's like when you find a few dollars
in a pair of pants that you havent worn in a while, or
when you get a wrapped present.
the kind of feeling when everything
in your day is going perfect or when you have
all of your bills paid for the month.

I'm sure everyone has different things
in their life which makes them happy, and for me
one of those things is operating proc-records.
it has given me an oppurtunity to come
in contact with some truly genuine people
throughout the world, such as Kharionov
and it has also allowed me to discover some
excellent music along the way.

As with each album from Microbit Project,
perfection can be expected.
His albums usually feature a variety of
sounds and effects which coexhist with one
another in magnificent unity (;
His albums usually feature an ambient and dark
techno theme, while at the same time incorporating
genre's like drone, experimental and even noise
and glitch-pop!!!
ALL IN ONE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This particular album is a fine representation
of the many musical sides of a very diverse
sound + visual artist.
this ep is nothing short of fantastic from the first
track to the final piece, though my personal
favorite tracks are the third piece and track six, Ambica,
which is very brief yet is some of the nicest
and smoothest ambient i have heard in some time!!!

either way, this is definitely an album that begs
you to listen and to play it often with headphones!!!!!
dont miss out on an adventure of a lifetime!!


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