Thursday, September 3, 2009



Russia must have one of the nicest underground music
scenes in the world, because here at proc-rec
we have had a tremendous amount of
artists of various genres releasing
their music .
In fact, I think the majority of our artists
here have come from in or around the Russia area,
many of which have been noise artists.
This time, Krom (featured on proc304) has returned
to give us a great view into the wonderful
world of his own standard of musical production.

I've listened to this album a few times already, and I
keep finding new things about it to admire, one of which
is the high replay value!
There is alot of music on the netlabel scene
(with the exception of proc-records of course!!!)
that seems to lack the crucial element of care
and interest in their own work!
this is not so with Krom, however.
It is easy to tell that he has
put alot of time and effort into his music, and it
clearly shows throughout both albums found on proc.
This album takes a very calming and almost
IDM approach, while combining the qualities
of traditional upbeat tracks from genres like techno
and even jungle in some cases.

Krom's style is also unique because it almost
sounds like the early days of electronic music, especially
as if it could have been released on Warp records many
years ago!

Whether you're someone who enjoys a good album
to zone out to on a cool evening with a beer, or
if you just happen to be looking for something to
help set a unique mood, for nearly any circumstance,
this is surely an album you should consider!!!!

big respect to Krom for the great sounds!!!!



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