Monday, September 14, 2009



ravers of the world unite!!!
raise your glowsticks in the air and demonstrate
your desire to party anywhere, anytime, with anyone!!! (:

Yes, that's right.
The true king of rave has returned yet again
to proc-records with the hopes of providing the underground
with yet another sonic anthem of audio perfection
(and rest assured, he has!!!)

Qygen's music, on a personal level
has been very much influential to me.
Speaking from experience, I know all too well how
difficult making this particular type of electronica
is, and yet he seems to demonstrate
such ease in his execution that it baffles me time
and time again.
This guy is boomin' with talent, and even people
who might not appreciate this sort of music will
almost definitely agree that these tracks are something
qutie special indeed.

It is hard for me to decide which particular album
from him is my personal favorite.
Each new release is so fresh and exciting
that I get so caught up in the sounds and have a tendency
to neglect the fact that all of his releases
are similar in genious-aspect as the rest of his catalog.
However, I can without-a-doubt state that I have never
been more intriguied with his work than I was
with this album.

In my opinion, I feel that this album is the
true sound-embodyment of this exceedingly talented
and gifted artist.
There's honestly not a single thing about
this album that would make it any better, with the
exception of additional tracks of course (;

Please understand, if you decide to always have
one trance/jungle album by anyone this year...decade...
make sure this one is at the top of the list.

Eric...this is why proc is around.

also! big respect for Leo Hartley
for his work with Eric on track 7!!!
excellent representation of effective collaboration.
It would be interesting to hear more of that
in the future ;)


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