Wednesday, September 2, 2009



even more lowbit noise!!!
man...i love lowbit noise (:
This time around, it is by none other than
the fabulous MNINS (previously known here as Glory)

MNINS is by no means new to the scene.
having released on premium labels like
Microbit Project and TFN, we have finally
had the oppurtunity to release this guys
purest noise audio under my personal favorite
operating alias of his .

Breaking this album down, it's your typical noise
album in alot of ways, and in others
it is something completely different.
It's similar in the sense that you have your typical
randomness and high-powered harsh
walls of noise with other textures and effects, however
the sounds (even at the lovely 32kbps)
sound much more organic and raw than I am
typically used to, which is a nice breath of
fresh air.
I guess it also helps that he is a completely new
artist to proc-rec and it is a splendid oppurtunity
for me to become well-acquanted with his
styles and methods of production.

saying that this album is "great" or "wonderful", "strong" or
"coherent" are just not strong enough words
to use when describing an exceptional
album such as this.
All I can say is that I hope to have an oppurtunity
to not only listen, but to release his material
as well, especially in a lowbitrate fashion such as this!!

it's nice to know that no matter what...


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