Sunday, September 13, 2009



after a brief moment of silence, everyones favorite
label is back with mroe of the kind of sounds
that everyone begs for!
To get the label moving again, we have a
brand new release from a great musical pair,
Arxo and Neurosampler!!

This album features some relatively coherent
and remarkably complex tracks that are very pleasing
to the ear.
Divided into 2 segments, this album takes the
listener on a journey through the wonderful world
of noise. 8-bit and rhythmic glitch, all
performed entirely through live manipulation
and improvisation! (:
Whats more, the 96kbps encoding quality
almost adds a form of lo-fidelity, giving the tracks
extra flavor and strength.
Not to mention, it also helps conserve space on
portable media devices that may not be
quite as advanced due to being outdated.

This is definitely an album worth checking out, and
also happens to be one which I highly recommend.
The collaboration between these two artists
is near perfection, and it is easy to see how
sometimes two heads are better than one! (;

Even though june is already over, this album
will be around for many many years!!!!

proc is happy to announce the introduction
and new release from ro-or...


NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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