Monday, September 21, 2009



oh man!
once again proc-records
has the privilage to release some awesome
brand new music for the entire world to feast it's
ears on!!! :D
Yes my friends, Genus Inkasso is back
again with a brilliant little ep of prime
audio composition and degradation, pefect for
the current switch in climate we've currently
been experiencing in my part of the world.

Through the use of succesfull genre crossing,
Genus has brought us to his level, a level of
production which is intruiging and admirable.
To give an example, I would say it sounds much
like the early times of Warp label, where
ideas and concepts were joining together without
much interferance and people were
beginging to experiment beyond simple, basic rhythm
and melody.

This ep truly has all of the proper elements in place
for an enjoyable listen again and again.
It also has a relatively small download size and
works especially well when listened with full-attentiveness
as opposed to simply allowing it to play in the
background while tackling the various tasks
of daily life.
in other words, LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM

Do yourself a favor and download this ep
before you you go out and buy a cd from
a sucky artist at a major retail music store.
true music lives in the underground, and
can be found 100% at



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