Thursday, November 26, 2009



well, thanksgiving is here, and I certainly
have something to be thankful for
....more great music!!

The Wizard Riss is the musical alias of none other than
Jonathan Brodsky who (if im not mistaken)
last appeared on proc-records, with the exception
of compilations, as boxcutterblower back
at proc232.
Nonetheless, he has returned to proc with
a lovely little three-track gem of supreme
quality, grimey, hardcore techno!

Consistant breakbeat arrangements provide
adequate progression
of the tracks, while melodies with ever-so
perfect pitch give the pieces (especially "ELEVEN")
an incredably larger listening experience (:

Much like what I have come to expect from
Jon, this album flows beautifuly as a
whole. I have listened to the tracks on this album
individually, consecutively and inconsecutively and have
found that the track arrangement of
this album is equally as superb.
To me, how the album plays out is almost just as
important as the tracks themselves and therefore
a nicely flowing album is crucial to
the element or atmosphere that the artist is
wishing to promote with their sounds.
Once again, Jon is right on the money!

Stylistically, the three pieces, TEN, ELEVEN , and TWELEVE
are as similar as they are different.
The opening piece, TEN opens with a
spurratic 8-bit sounding lead which
promptly carries us into a hardcore rave hit chock
full of kicks, snares, DEEP and whobbly basslines
and background melodic sequences that really give
the impression of being in an old, dark warehouse
raving it up with about a hundred other music lovers!

As the bassline carries out on the opening piece, track two
slowly introduces itself with another great opening
synthline, though quickly the drum sequences
sneak their way into the mix and we are immediately
swept away on the second part of this delicious rave

Rounding out the EP is TWELVE.
A bit darker than the second track, this piece
is very much like the opener.
The brief reverse(?) organ instumentation is especially
cool and adds a nice element of darkness to the track.
While also boasting the killer
percussion sequencing, this track also has some
interesting samples peppered throughout.
an excellent way to end an already cool album.

Jon's unique style and sound are very admirable
and impressionable to those with a keen ear.
If an original, yet almost traditional hardcore techno electonica
album is something that you've been craving lately,
allow me to have the honours of providing you with such.
the gift hearing...something I am truly grateful for...


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