Tuesday, November 24, 2009



as we grow older, it is fun to sometimes
take a moment and reflect on events days and
days gone past.
back to times when we shared a laugh with
good friends, had a brief scare over news
of a loved one in danger, or just simply
drinking coffee with the first love
of our life.
Looking at pictures of us with old friends,
remembering the trouble we used to
get into and wasting summer days away
in an empty parking lot drinking a coke
and just messing around.
Yes, these are just some of the things that
come to mind with old, past things.
Although, with an artist such as Qygen, it can
be quite interesting to see and hear how
differently his styles and musical direction have
changed, even over the past two years!!

As the title suggests, this album is music by
the ONE AND ONLY Qygen, made back in 2007.
However, while these tracks are admittedly
slightly more timid and rough around the edges, they
are certainly not by any means "Crap".
Speaking from experience, early material
is never a solid place to let a seasonsed electronic
listener gain their bearings
(with the exception of Plastikman and Aphex Twin...
"sheet one" and Selected Ambient works".....)
Even within the context of how early this album
actually is, these pieces are remarkably cohesive and
the sound-recording quality is still some of
the clearest and un-abrasive that has come
my direction.
In addition, the programming styles and the methodic
drum and melody sequencing are still very much
recognizeable as none other than Eric's.

I give this guy alot of credit
and even more praise for his extraordinary
ability as a sound creator.
He is without-a-doubt one of the most
crucial components to this netlabel family, and having
regular albums from him here has been not
only a pleasant experience, but a rewarding one as well.

Do yourself a favor today.
Take a moment to step back.
Call up some old friends, reminisce about old times,
and give this album a spin or two ;)


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