Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Oh man...this is EXACTLY what
I need right now!!
A brand new killer release from
the one and ONLY...Xenocats!!!
Please, allow me to briefly school the naive
and casual so called "music fan" about just
who exactly this phenominal
sound artist actually is...

Xenocats, aka Mike, aka darkfacepilot,
aka ARMY OF 2600 is the coolest,
roughest, impressivest, sound creatinist bad-boy
hailing from the great
state of Nebraska, USA.
With releases on almost
every cool netlabel out
there on the underground
circuit, and even
having a track showcased
on a limited-run cdr by
the Zvukovina out of Sarajevo,
it is clear that his dedication
to sound creation, mind opening, and
above, is a task which
he takes very seriously (something kinda rare
these days!!)

Now, with regards to this new album, I
was completely floored when I first
laid my ears on it.
Stylistically, it was unlike anything that
I had heard from him before, though
it was undeniably something which
his hands (paws?) had created.
His un-paralleled, genuine and rich sound
is quite distinct and almost in a category
in and of itself.
This album has strong lo-fi properties,
and uses much more static background noise
and various other intense effects which
do an excellent job of filling in the fleeting
gaps of silence and continuously feeding
your ears with its beauty.
Whats more, even with as intense as these pieces
are, they are never forceful, nor do they
demand your full attention
(though they certainly are worthy of it!!!) .
I guess what I'm trying to say is that, while these tracks
are very destructive in nature,
they are also as laid-back and relaxed
as a cat lounging around in
the sun...and THAT, my friends, is the way
Xenocats has held a special place
in many a music lover's heart for so long.

Without a doubt, Xenocats is one of my
personal favorite artists around here at proc-records,
and while it had been a while since
his last release with us, I can assure was
well worth the wait!!

Take a few hits of catnip, put on some headphones
and join us on this sonic journey
through life...and sound -.-


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