Wednesday, November 18, 2009



After much patient waiting, proc-records
FINALLY has a brand new release from the
always incredable Dirk Lienig!!

His past albums have left a permanent
and very positive mark on this fine
label and due to the brief moment
of silence between his last album and this one,
this is certainly quite a nice reason to celebrate
the return of such a multi-faceted artist (:
Initially, Dirk first released on
proc-rec back in 2008 withhis "Ritual EP".
This album (and nearly every album since then
from him) was an instant classic.

In addition to having solo albums
released with us, Dirk's skills have also been
featured on various compilations here
on proc, some of which include
[proc301]Various_Artists_-_Proc_Wreck and

This particular album takes us back to Dirk's more
danceable, rhythm-based musical roots.
Noticeable throughout this release are his signature
sound textures and ambient soundscapes which
collide against one another in beautiful
sound harmony.
A solid runtime of under twenty-minutes, these
five pieces, rendered at 320 kbps,
are the perfect companion to any
music lover's electronica catalog.

As I said before, it truly is a nice feeling
to have a new album from Dirk Lienig.
He is a crucial component to the proc-records
family, and this spectacular ep was
well worth the wait.
Do not hesitate to download this
and share it with the people you love

Back in action once again,
proc-rec is pleased to announce the arrival of
our newest release...


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