Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Ahhh yes!
after an exceedingly brutal compilation
here at proc-records, it is now time once again
to step back, take a deep breath
and get lost completely in pure ambience
through listening to a new release
from a new artist to our
family, The Vanhalia Project!

With quite an extensive musical background,
and equally admirable skills in ambient sound
The Vanhalia Project, aka Giovanni Alibrandi, began
his voyage into sound through
producing small pieces of audio which
were specifically designed for use on web-pages.
As time went on and his interests grew, he eventually
began to produce more extensively
which has resulted in having his work
transmitted on various internet radio stations.
He also has had a release on the
highly reputable Enough Records
netlabel, which is a fellow friend of

On this album are four exquisitly designed and
composed ambient pieces which take
the mind on a subtle voyage through
various soundscapes and atmospheres
of reality, leaving the listener comforted in
the sounds, yet feeling isolated and
alone, as if the world around them ceased to
exist, or rather, had been paused momentarily.
A strange way to describe this release, yes, although
I'm sure you will find it to be accurate!
Everything about this album is perfect.
I have already played it multiple times, and am
garaunteed to play it many, many more.
It is honestly too good to simply pass up
or play only once.
I was especially fond of the track "Sogno D'Autunno".

Here in the United States, as we say goodbye
to summer and welcome in Autumn and Winter,
it is nice to know that even on the cold
days with little to do, there is still some
great music that can be enjoyed by music fans
of all ages and from nearly every stage of life.

The first of (hopefully!!) many more to come,
proc-rec is proud to announce the release of...


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