Monday, November 2, 2009



After much time passed, GAAD is finally back
at proc-records with the brutal sounds that he
is so well known (and equally apprecitated) for!!!

It had been quite a while since
last we had heard from this noise-geneous
from Montegro, although the
term "good things come to those who wait" is
a proper description of how I feel about this
new release from a true legend in noise audio.

GAAD has played a signigicant role in
the underground by distributing his brutal
sound files at various physical and net-labels
throughout the scene, acquiring praiseworthy
reviews time and time again (for good reason, too!)
For you see, this is no ordinary sound artist.
GAAD takes various sources of inspiration and
melodically transforms and deforms them into
his own uniqe pile of concrete audio-slush.

This Ep, running a total of over twenty-one
minutes is a great way to re-introduce yourself
to an artist who has been somewhat of a stranger
to our fine label for a few months.
Demonstrating only the most brutal sound techniques
around, this gentleman shows no mercy with his
intense show of skills, leaving the listener to
fend for themselves after being utterly
destroyed by it's ravid rampage of terror.

hahaha, okay so maybe its not quite THAT intense,
but just like his past albums, this
one is certainly nothing
short of incredable and inspirational.
GAAD always has the uncanny ability to satisfy
the ear-hunger of even the most
starving noise fan ;)
dont waste another moment!!!!

p.s. be sure to check out !!!


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