Monday, November 2, 2009



Electronic music comes in many
shapes, styles, and sounds.
This statement is quite true.
However, it also comes from many
places throughout this wonderful planet that we
call "Earth", and this newest release
at proc-records, by none other than nuoh
hails straight from the grand country of Poland!!!

On this release we can see that even though
these tracks are already a few years old, they
are still quite ahead of their time, even with
their simplicity.
This of course works out to the
album's advantage in multiple ways, but
the most effective is it's very calm and hypnotizing
effect on the mind, body and spirit.

Aside from his split-release with Flat Affect
here at proc earlier this year,
I admit that I am still a bit un-familiar with Nuoh
as an artist, although it appears as though
he has worked rather extensively with
labels like the amazing "Smell The Stench", which
is operated by Flat Affect as well!
Among a few other netlabels, he has had a couple
noteable outputs at various cdr labels (:

Either way, it is now our turn here at proc to
have the privelage of releasing
these wonderful
drones for the underground to
download and enjoy!

Some people may have a bit of difficulty
ocating a proper media player to use for these
pieces, and while i typically use Winamp for
all of my media enjoyment, I recommend
using VLC media player to obtain a much richer
and adequite sound.

either way, however you decide to listen to this
album, be sure to wear headphones, close your eyes
and relax.
you're in for an ambient/drone/glitch treat (:


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