Saturday, March 19, 2011



i like to think that my dad
is a smart business-man.
Over the years, I've listened
to how he's spoken
with potential clients and
admired his ability to "read" people
with a general ease.
over the years, he's used
certain phrases which
I've managed to remember
and sometimes apply throughout
my life, suprising as it is
(i have terrible memory).
One such thing was his persistant
usage of one particular phrase:
In the business world, there
are three things that people want, but
of these three, only two can happen.
Free, Perfect, and Now.
This never made much sense to me
as a youngster, but as I got
older and began to have
a job, I noticed how relavent it
actually was.
Say, for example, you were out
of money but needed a car so
you could get to your job.
You can have that car, but do
you want it free and perfect?
or would you rather have
it for free and now?
maybe you would prefer
now and perfect?
It's a difficult thing
to wrap your mind around sometimes,
and indeed I've often countered
this argument to him by saying
"I'll take perfect and free, and
with the money I've saved from
the "Free" part, I'll pay to have it
This never really seemed
to be quite a correct
response, and he has tried often
to prove me wrong, but
hey...what do I know?

Anyway, with proc, you dont need
to make such distinctions.
You can have all three at once!
Free, perfect, AND now!!!

Which brings me into the brand
spankin' new release by mr. culver!
Again, we sense his familiar,
fondly-remembered dimensions of
electronic generated audio, forming
an ep which contains three gorgeous
sound segements.
blending melody with bass and
beats ever so harmonously,
Andy proves that by keeping
the equipment and setup simple, you
can create some really remarkable
pieces of music.

This album embodies a whole
new season soon approaching, spring.
a time when cabin fever has reached
it's terminus and is quickly
pushed aside by the
thoughts and desires of all
to simply get out and enjoy life.

you should never have to
sacrifice or "settle" with music
that doesnt speak to your soul.
I'm serious man, throw
those "Free perfect or now" ideas
out of your head.
all three are yours if you want them!
just go out and find them!!!
people world-wide find
their's at proc, and if you havent
already, download this
album and discover yours today

thanks andy, once again
you've solidified my faith
in electronic music.


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