Saturday, March 5, 2011



elton john and billy joel have piano's.
the beatles and the rolling stones
have drums and guitars.
brittany spears has....well....hmm...
mozart had an entire symphony!
Robotic Joe? well, he samples all
of them!!!
Actually, that doesnt even begin
to touch the surface of what Robotic Joe
has samples from.
His library of audio clips is so extensive, in fact,
that he has to back up everything he uses onto
double-digit gigabyte external hard-drives!.
Not only is it smart to back things
up elsewhere (as my recent experience
with a virus has taught me), it is also a requirement
for my good friend.

I am quite fortunate to have
a new album from
Joe, not to mention having
two total releases from
him in digital format, along
with a limited-run cassette tape release
that i made for him as an official
proc-rec release!
A man with such talent as his deserves
much more attention, both local
and national, and it is my hope
that he will achieve such things
with his music on proc.
But joe hasnt JUST released on proc!
he also has an impressive volume of music
at the other toledo netlabel, the glorious
Splatterfunk ran by the amazing Richard Naugle!!

This album is essentially a massive
collection of Robotic Joe material, previously
un-released (to my knowledge) and
covers his broad tastes and styles.
No specific BPM's or structure in mind, Joe makes
his music in much the same way a
noise-music artist would.
by throwing away any conventional
framework for making a "song", he
just sits down to his computer, rolls up
his sleeves and grabs a handful of samples
to bend to his will.
Now, to all of the people
who make the claim that Prefuse73 is
the best sampler and vocal-slicer,
let me simply point you in
the direction of Robotic Joe so that you
can experience what a true sample-based
mastermind is!!

certain things in life just bring joy to
my heart.
the first is un-conditional love.
the second is seing people who are happy.
the third is a cold beer on a warm day.
the fourth? good music made by people
who care.
any genre, any length, it doesn't matter.
just care about.
Joe does, and so does proc.

get with it!!!


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