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impressionism was a form of visual art often
used by french painters in the
1870's and 1880's.
by using subtle brushstrokes and
effective color usage, they were
albe to create powerful works
of art out of very simple methods.
in much the same way as the artists
of that time used simple methods for
attaining success, artists like
razxca and vziel both create sound
that is closely related to impressionism,
following audio formats.

originally, the basic framework for this
album was generated by Vziel, a
recent addition to the proc rec family.
after building upon this work and others,
Mikhail (aka Razxca) finally finished
with this wonderful, albeit brief ep.
while actually a remix album, this ep
stands on it's own quite well, without needing
to explain about the previous with much detail.
(although the other albums are listed in the
other text file which came with
this release as well!! please check them out!!!)

razxca and vziel are both
very intelligent minds, and it's easy
to see and hear how they are both
able to supply alot of idea's back and forth
to one another and generate
complexingly simple, artistic and above all,
unique sounds such as these.

for fans of razxca, vziel or simply for people
who like small, experimental albums, give
this ep a download and see just
how quickly you'll enjoy
what proc has to offer!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for review!

proc-rec said...

very nice music :)

it's good for the soul!

NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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