Saturday, March 5, 2011



the time has come to
pause the experimentalism
for a little bit and focus on some
beat-driven work.
fortunately, long-time producer
and proc-rec native, Sascha Müller
is willing to help us out with making
sure we get this accomplished :D

direct from Germany, Sascha
takes control of his audio equipment
and demonstrates with sheer skill
his knack for knowing
exactly what gets the people onto
the dancefloor and moving their
bodies to the beat!!!

this album, while very heavily techno
influenced still manages to find
itself in a form of experimentalism.
Hardcore 4/4 beats provide an easy
dance-base while the strange yet
equally amazing synths and
basslines which fill in the rest
of the pieces are nice
representations of how diverse
techno can really be.

Sascha's albums always revolve around
a common theme and this one is quite
different from the other things he has
released with proc in the past.
It is very danceable and can
get people moving,
yet it also has alot of
characteristics for live performance
and basic elements for song progression.

Don't be mistaken, Mr. Müller
will always bring strong sounds
to the table for people to enjoy, and
has never disappointed me.


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