Monday, April 4, 2011



following up a brief time-out
at proc, jjoth brings his
wicked stylings to the
netlabel that puts an entirely
new dimension on the
expression "freeform".

a very prominent figure
in the underground,
jjoth has seen much
success with releases
at various places like
microbit project, SP, DE, and
JustNoizeIt records,
among other releases under
various aliases at the newest
netlabel to
the scene, Sirona-Records.
In between his production time,
he also moderates the
lovely 8ravens netlabel
which has been a dominant
figure in the fight against
mainstream media! <3

his newest release, a single-track
ep of some of the hardest
electro-core to grace my ears in a long
time, is a good representation
of what the title Angry Nova
which has the capacity to destroy
any electronic-music hater's
pre-conceptions about
electronic music or the netlabel
scene for that matter
(not to mention give
your sound system a brutal
thrashing during
it's lifespan!!)
this brief release, encoded
at 64kbps mp3
is insanely bass-heavy and
demonstrates the capabilites
of lower-bitrate music, a
style often shunned by those
involved with "bitrate snobbery".

this isn't a dancefloor track
(although it IS danceable)..
it's not an experimental track
(although, he clearly is experimenting)!
no, my friends, it's somewhere
comfortably in between both of these
genre's, and more!
if this is your first exposure to jjoth,
then enjoy!! if you
are a seasoned listener to his
music, you know what to expect ;)


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