Saturday, April 9, 2011



the internet has been
a wonderful and useful
tool for "shrinking" the size
of the planet.
now, artists can connect
in just a few moment
to share ideas and communicate,
something which would
have taken weeks or sometimes
even months in the past!
well, with just a little luck, two
very prominent artists in the
netlabel scene, and
even more specificaly here
at proc, the ambient
duo of the harsh "voodoo child"
Dairyola and the always
fantastic Pollux have
teamed up to provide proc
with an exceptionally
brilliant split ep!!!

The album stats off with
three strong ambient tracks,
which carry the listener on a soft
pillow of cloud to the most
remote area's of your mind.
Slow moving, yet fully eventful,
Pollux's tried and true style
of ambient has been an asset
to his style of sound.
But, don't get too comfortable,
because the album soon takes on
a completely different direction
with Dairyola's brutal ear-thrashing
track, SSDD.
A solid shape-shifting
noise/drone piece which uses
spurratic blasts of randomness
to bring an end to any and all silence.

In many ways (or at least
on this album) Dairyola could
be called the Yang to Pollux's Yin.
Both artists are amazingly
unique and skilled, and bringing them
both together on this split
was a truly wonderful idea!

if you are an ambient fan looking
for some good noise, download this.
noise fan looking for some great
ambience? you know what to do!
everyone else, download this
and see what you've been missing
all these years!!!


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