Sunday, April 17, 2011



I'm not really a person who
likes alot of sweet or sugary foods.
In fact, the few pieces of candy that I eat
are usually just small pieces and
rarely ever anything big like pieces
of cake or candy bars, etc.
However, this new release from
the globally funkalicious sound
producer, Toxic Chicken, is a sweet
piece of head candy that I could
easily sink my teeth into again
and again.....and again, and have!!

Making his music on a computer
which is soon to die from a
fire ant infestation, I have encouraged
TC to push his machine to it's limits
and to create something which
could satisfy the underground, even
people on audio-diets!!

from begining to end, this album
has all of the right elements for
a strong, gripping album.
perfect harmony and pitch, reverb galor
and that ever so sweet percussion
that sends a chill down your spine
every time.

There isn't one track which stands
out among the rest on this album,
although if i were to pick a favorite,
it would undoubtedly be
today the world ends but im still here.
It is this track which, I feel,
defines the album and encompasses
everything which I mentioned above
about what makes an album good!!

Toxic Chicken's music will never die
(who knows? maybe neither will he!)
A man who I greatly admire, appreciate
and respect with every bone in my body,
the true embodiment of the underground
and the poster-child of what it
means to be a proc-rec artist!!!!!

Toxic Chicken_-_Do_You_Like_Sweets

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