Thursday, July 2, 2009




our newest release is really something that
we are happy to release!!!
coming straight from the great country
of russia is the debut release from makidream!!

8bit sounds, very reminiscent of gameboy
audio, makidream has provided proc-rec
with a truly outstanding piece of work.
using what sounds like nanoloop or lsdj, he has produced
some finely programmed and executed tracks
and added a few spins of his own!
chopping, slicing, dicing, editing, added effects and
remasterign of tracks, makidream takes his skills
as an electronic music artist to a whole new level

For me, I find it nice to hear this sort of music .
proc-rec has not recieved this particular type of electronica
in quite some time (probably since 8bit brothers!)
and because of that, I am truly honored to release such
music to the underground.

This is a fairly small album and relatively quick to download,
so dont waste ANY time with getting this and
putting it on your portable media device.
makes excellent music to simply zone out to!!!

many many thanks to makidream for sending proc such
utterly strong material!!!!!


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