Monday, July 20, 2009



The musician Jim Croce once said "there never seems
to be enough time to do the things you want
to do once you find them".
Being a deep appreciator and fan of good music,
I can whole-heartedly agree with his lyrics, especially
in regards to operating a little
netlabel like proc-records.

I recieved this album a few months ago from my
strong ally in music from the great country of Russia,
known to many as Evgenij, though musically
as Microbit Project.
I am quite fond of his work both as an artist
and also as a fellow netlabel operator.
Upon recieving this album, I immediately
listened to it with great anticipation, as I do
with all material I recieve here.
I knew that since it came from Evgenij that it
would be something special, as all of his music is.

This album, for all intents and purposes, is a
noise album deeply rooted within power electronics
and extreme sound-emotion.
Sonic pulsating textures are joined together
with melodic glue as various effects
such as panning, phaser, distortion, reverb and delay
all add a more distintictive and coherent sound.

Noise is something from Microbit Project
that I particularly enjoy.
It is easy to hear the emotion and pure appreciation
poured into each moment and build-up of the tracks.
You can find him on various
netlabels peppered all over the internet.
I suggest not only downloading this, but many many
of his other albums if you get a chance.
you wont be disappointed (:


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