Thursday, July 9, 2009



new soundZ for you guys to enjoy!!! :D
another new project to proc-rec, Lymph Project
is (you guessed it), ANOTHER russian
sound project!!!

L.P.'s sound is quite distinct and unique.
It is extremely percussion driven and
utilizes it very effectively by changing rhythm
sequences and patterens throughout their pieces.
They have also combined lush melodic textures
and incorporated an even "classical" element to the
pieces (especially on the second piece, Spring Dance)

This EP is four tracks long, each with a runtime of under three
solid minutes, so the whole album can be listened and enjoyed
relatively quicly, and is also small enough to
be transfered on nearly any portable media device
without much delay!
If you're in the mood for some quick-paced
electronica from a country well known for it's
sound people, look no further than this!!!


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