Wednesday, July 22, 2009



with much anticipation, the newest release
from one of our newer proc-rec artists
is finally here, and boy...what a release it is!

Qygen, an artists who is known for his
intstant dancefloor anthems has
pulled out all of his guns on this one and
given us a rough, grimey, and
above all...fantastic album, perfect
for getting any rave in full effect without
any hesitation whatsoever.

Secretly being a rather big fan of trance, I
have been able to find much refuge in Qygen's
wonderfully produced sounds over the course of his
past few releases here at proc-rec.
With each new album I've discovered new
reasons why this guy does what he does.
because he's damn good at it!!!
As a fellow producer, I know how difficult producing
GOOD hardcore trance can be.
It goes beyond reverse hi-hats and 4/4 beats.
It goes beyond gret harmony and effects.
It requires a certain extra..something.
That 'something' ladies and gentlemen, is love,
and it is easy to see and hear that Qygen
absolutely loves what he does
(and we here at proc-rec love that he loves what he does!!)

With the handful of releases here at proc-rec by Qygen
already, I t gives me great joy and pride to
announce yet another installment of sonic trance
However, I would also venture to say that among
his other material found here in our catalog listing, this
particular album is where he shines the most.

allow me to welcome you to the styles of Qygen...
an artist who definitely has an amazing amount of talent
and is kind enough to help properly set off dancefloors
across the nation and the planet!!!


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