Monday, July 27, 2009



up next at proc-records is an duo split release
from Earth Incubator and Strawberry Milkshake Inc.
proc-records prides itself on being
your one-stop destination for all sounds electronic.
Included (but not limited to) jungle, IDM, house, acid,
ambient, drone, and yes..noise (:

This ep is your traditional noise album,
very loud, abrasive, relentless and non-stop.
The vocals, though few and spurratic at best, are
found on various tracks throughout the lot of this
ep and usually dictate the title of the track itself.

I wont go too much into detail about this album, because
quite honestly, the tracks do well enough
on their own without the need for very much
dicatation, despite the fact that for someone
who is new to the noise scene may have a bit
of difficulty fully grasping the concept of noise.

when done correctly, noise can certainly be a
fabulous artform.
these two people have proven that.
Please be advised, though...this is a much
harsher and more intense form of noise
and therefore may require a "seasoned-listener's"
ear to fully appreciate the sounds.

bottom line...
strong noise at an un-beatable price!


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