Wednesday, July 1, 2009



[proc309] is (amazingly enough) already here
and is from yet another rather new artist to our
Club Sauce , like many of our other, was first featured on
one of compilations and has graciously
allowed proc-records to host his first personal album in our
catalog!! (:

This almost 40 minute release is pure relentless noise
with some impressive effects and styles added.
with a sound that reminds me of the earlier days of noise
electronica, Club Sauce's style is very attention-getting
and should hold your interest for quite a while.

As opposed to heavy walls and layers of
white-noise and heavy
distortion, Club sauce uses pulsating
blips and bleeps, in addition
to various forms of audio editing and effect usage.
Meanwhile, the tracks have a proper runtime to where
they can be heard and enjoyed relatively quickly, without
having to wait for very long before
the track builds up and takes shape.
Not to mention the album flows rather smoothly from
track to track, something that I look for in each and
every release.

All in all, this is an all around good, solid album and I'm
sure that many people will appreciate this work also.
Club Sauce is a very talented artist, and I hope
to have the oppurtunity to release
more of his work in the future!!


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